3 ways to make Valentine’s Day special

14 February. The only day of the year where you can shamelessly spend a bucket of dollars on heart-shaped chocolate and bouquets of the reddest roses. Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating romantic love. And spending money on overpriced chocolate, apparently.  


For a Trying To Conceive couple, it sounds like the perfect day to spend some quality time together. Your husband comes home with your favorite flowers, you have a home-cooked meal ready, and the romantic atmosphere is set. All you need now is a little bit of faith, trust, and baby dust.

Valentine’s Day is the day to step up your game. It’s about love—romantic, passionate love ♡ And not just any. The love between you and your partner. Focus on this instead of fixating on a baby.

Today, it’s just the two of you—hubby and wifey. Here are 3 ways to keep the fourteenth of February special:

  1. Don’t skip Valentine’s Day
    It’s easy to go through the day and ignore all cringe-worthy advertisements. Don’t! It’s the perfect day to break the routine and spice it up. Plan a date with your partner. Do something fun together. Remember, today is about showing some affection worthy of your significant other.
  2. Don’t mention mood-killers
    Things such as hormones and cervical position probably don’t faze you anymore. Still, it’s probably best not to mention it today. Stay focussed on love. You are first-and-foremost partners. That’s what today is all about.
  3. Create a romantic atmosphere
    Dinner with candlelight. Homemade spaghetti with meatballs. He will gift you the last one. (Where have I heard this before? Ahem. Disney.) Seriously, though. Involve all the senses for some romance. A sweet playlist. Some Massage oil. Strawberries dunked in chocolate. Nothing is too much on Valentine’s Day.

One added bonus? If you implement these tips, you’ll likely reduce stress. And reduced stress is associated with higher chances of conception. Win-win!

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