9 funny abbreviations every mom-to-be should know

Every mommy who has been there knows how confusing this time can be: the start of your TTC Journey! If it isn’t enough to have all sorts of irrational thoughts and stress about the weirdest things, there’s this whole new world you’re about to get familiar with.

Make sure to have quality time with DH. And let’s hope AF will stay away for a long long time! What the heck? If you’re working your way out: congratulations! You’ve just qualified for the ABCs of TTC!

Here are the abbreviations every mom-to-be should know because who knows when you’ll end up PG (Pregnant)?

  • DH– that’s your main squeeze and only partner in crime. Yup, it means Dear Partner or Dear Husband.
  • AF– this is your ‘Oh no not again’ time of the month when Aunt Flo pays a visit. Of course, you don’t want menses when TTC. AFSA, in fact, is also quite common among TTC women, and means: Aunt Flo Stay Away!
  • BBT– It’s your waking temp or Basal Body Temperature that you’ve probably just started to measure. Everything to track the monthly spike in your temperature after your egg has popped.
  • BD – When you’ve been able to track your ovulation, you also know when it’s time to Baby Dance.
  • BT– stands for a blood test. If you think you’re pregnant, buckle yourself up and say yes to that needle!
  • POAS– it sounds ew but hey, do what you gotta do! It’s a short version of pee on a stick. You have to sprinkle it every month when you’re on TTC.
  • BFP and BFN– it might feel crappy experiencing a big fat negative but don’t lose hope. It might not take as long to be big fat positive as you think!
  • CF– your cervical fluid is another important way to check if you’re hitting your fertile window.  Check your monthly discharge if it’s cloudy, clear or slick to know your ovulation period.
  • DTD– this one has to everyone’s favorite no? Time for doing the deed (have sex) when your CF is right.