Starting your ttc-journey the stress-free way

Everybody knows that one friend that wants to see everything when going on a city trip. Armed with a Lonely Planet, he or she wants to see all there is to see in the 2 or 3 days ahead. And the rest of the group thinks: that’s not how you can really enjoy that city trip!

Because, you want to see the most important hotspots. But you also want to get to know the city, meet new people, taste great food and enjoy the special atmosphere. And that’s just not possible when you’re running around with your Lonely Planet, stressing about time that is running out and things you’re possibly not going to see.

Get the picture? That’s exactly what I see happening a lot with TTC moms or couples. But I guess that’s not the way you want to start this exciting adventure!

From my own experience, (I have two sons) I know you’re going to enjoy the ride a lot more when you take it easy. For sure, the highlight of your trip is a BFP. But wouldn’t you also enjoy getting to know your own body? Making sense of your cycle? Having a lot of sex with your hubby? I know, it’s not all puppies and rainbows, but don’t forget the beautiful things this trip is going to bring you.

Let’s get a bit more practical about how you can get started. When your cycle is regular and you know when you ovulate, you can start trying without charting or using tests. Just have sex regularly, especially when you’re halfway your cycle, and see for a few months how that goes. Of course, if you feel unsure or need a little guidance, charting your waking temps may give you a bit more grip. And if your cycle is irregular and you’re afraid to get lost, peeing on an ovulation stick to see your LH surge can be a helpful option too.

Remember, you can use these tools. But you don’t have to. And if you use them: see them as a map. A map that pinpoints the direction, but allows for some detours. Not as that travel guide that makes you run around without actually seeing anything because you’re scared that you’ll miss something.