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9 funny abbreviations every mom-to-be should know

Every mommy who has been there knows how confusing this time can be: the start of your TTC Journey! If it isn’t enough to have all sorts of irrational thoughts and stress about the weirdest things, there’s this whole new world you’re about to get familiar with. Make sure to have quality time with DH. […]

Top 3 Ways to Improve Male Fertility

When you’re TTC, your health and general wellbeing as a woman are important. But did you know it is equally important that your hubby is in good shape? Read on to find out what men can do to enhance your chances as a couple of conceiving a healthy baby. Exercise Regularly One way your Dear […]

5 tips for baby dancing

Having babies can’t happen without, well … baby dancing. But is there more to it? A lot more: I could write an entire book about sex and TTC. But I’m afraid that might scare you off. So I decided to break it down into some easy tips for you. Tip 1 Try to detect when […]

Starting your ttc-journey the stress-free way

Everybody knows that one friend that wants to see everything when going on a city trip. Armed with a Lonely Planet, he or she wants to see all there is to see in the 2 or 3 days ahead. And the rest of the group thinks: that’s not how you can really enjoy that city […]