Exercise Routine When You are Trying to Conceive: Do’s and Don’ts

TTC Exercise Routine

Establishing a good exercise routine is important for a healthy body especially when you are trying to conceive. If you are not into vigorous exercise keep it moderate to keep you healthy without putting too much stress. Exercise will not only help you to conceive but it will also help you to carry the extra load in pregnancy and get in shape easily and faster after having the baby.

Here is a list of dos and don’ts to keep you on your track while exercising:

  • Exercising From an Early Stage Helps
    If you start exercising before you try to conceive, it will help you tremendously in both conceiving and in pregnancy. The health condition you are in will directly affect the health of the fetus. Plus starting early will help you maintain your exercise regimen during pregnancy.
  • Core Strengthening Exercises
    Along with cardio, pay emphasis on core strengthening exercises such as plank, Pilates etc. for better posture and balance. It will give you more power and endurance to carry the extra weight of your grown belly and you can also avoid back pain.
  • Mix it Up
    Focusing on cardio and core strength, mix up your exercises for keeping it from getting boring and making it more suitable for your body’s strength. Choosing a light to medium intensity level exercises for fitness will be suitable for your body in preparing for welcoming a new life. You can do walking, running, swimming, cycling or dancing, whatever suits your mood.
  • Engage your partner
    Your partner’s health is as important at this time as yours especially 90 days before conceiving. Get him in shape to be a father because a child needs healthy parents.
  • Change in Routine in Pregnancy
    Make sure to add changes in your exercise routine when you get pregnant by your doctor to accommodate the changes you will have in the pregnancy period.

We hope the list will help you maintain or build up a regular exercise routine. So your body is in good shape to conceive, and ready for a pregnancy.