5 tips for baby dancing

Having babies can’t happen without, well … baby dancing. But is there more to it? A lot more: I could write an entire book about sex and TTC. But I’m afraid that might scare you off. So I decided to break it down into some easy tips for you.

Tip 1
Try to detect when you have your ovulation. It may sound complicated, but especially when you have a regular cycle, it’s no rocket science. The days before and the day of your ovulation, you often feel the best version of yourself: you feel sexy and ready to conquer the world. Even science agrees with you: you are more attractive when you’re about to ovulate. You might also experience a higher sex drive. If that’s you: just go with the flow!

Tip 2
It’s good to know when you’re most likely to conceive. This period is called the fertile window, and normally lasts 5-7 days per cycle. My colleague Lily just wrote an interesting blog about determining your fertile window. With her 3-step formula, you can easily do this yourself.

Tip 3
How often ‘should’ you have sex? Well… it’s different for every couple, and the most important thing is that you feel comfortable with it. When you hit your fertile window, most experts advise having sex every day or every other day. When you do it more often, it might influence the quality of your hubby’s sperm. And less often can negatively influence your chances to conceive.

Tip 4
Enjoy it! Embarking on the journey is exciting, scary, and might make you feel nervous. But having sex with your sweetheart is already special, right? Try to really enjoy it. Next to that: try to spend quality time together. Go out for dinner. Watch a movie together, or go and have a workout together. Spending time together can only improve the baby dance times!

Tip 5
Especially when you and your hubby just started this journey, take it easy. Use the tips that help you, but feel free to ignore the rest.